Bogey by Mary Kennedy (PDF)

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Book Name:Bogey
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Story Line:

Will ‘Bogey’ Humphrey finds himself just a few hours from the home he left when he joined the Navy. He never got to say goodbye to his grandmother and he’s left more than a few things unsaid and undone. He thought he’d make a quick trip to say a final goodbye and see who might still be hanging around. He never thought he’d get pulled into saving the one woman he should have never left in the first place. Helping Alice comes naturally for Bogey, loving her comes easy.

Saving her and her family’s ranch might be a little harder. Alice Evans has no one to turn to. Her sister is dead of an apparent drug overdose, despite the fact that she’s never so much as taken baby aspirin. Pressured to sell her family’s ranch, she’s fighting more than a few battles on her own. Until she sees the one person who might be able to help her. Will Humphrey was the only man she ever loved, but that was a lifetime ago. All she needs from him now is his brain and muscle power. And maybe his body. Definitely his body.

Sometimes when you are raised in one place, in one home, by one person, you accept it as reality for the entire world. Sometimes your world is a certain way. You know nothing else and never question it. Such was Will G. Humphrey’s world.

A small western town in Wyoming, Glenrock was nothing to write home about. Then again, the only person he’d have to write home about anything was the woman he lived with, his grandmother. Ruth Humphrey was tough as nails. Her husband died in Vietnam. Her son and daughter-in-law were killed in a car accident when their only son was just two. Yet, despite her age, she took him in and never looked back.

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