Blood Lust by AJ Wolf (PDF)

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Book Name:Blood Lust
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Story Line:

Born into a feud that has lasted since the beginning of time, I know better than anyone that stepping inside of the Irish mob territory is a death sentence. Eoin Ó Ceallaigh is a sinful, bloodthirsty savage whose empire thrives on violence and debauchery. His reputation proceeds him… one that is well known for draining La Rosas like me dry. Still, I can’t let my one chance slip through my fingers. I will stake Eoin through his cold, lifeless chest and take my rightful place as head of the Sicilian Mafia. Or I’ll lose my soul to the bloodlust of the damned. Only one thing is for sure… I refuse to remain under my father’s shadow any longer.

In New York City, night always began with a scream. A siren wailed in the distance, a sad and mournful sound that signaled the end of the day. Humans, if they were smart, were locking themselves indoors as the sun slid behind the glittering skyscrapers of the city skyline. After sundown, the Abhartach reigned supreme. The Abhartach were blood-sucking monsters.

Vampiric beasts that were equally hated and adored by humans. According to the news, there was a tentative peace between mortals and vampires. But in the streets, peace didn’t exist. It was kill or be killed; eat, or be eaten. Out there, I knew there were whole groups of people that worshiped the Abhartach like gods. I knew that they willingly gave themselves over to the bloodsuckers as blood bags, and part of me was grateful for them, even if the thought turned my stomach.

Because the more willing donors there were meant less vampires prowling the streets in my father’s territory. I paused in getting dressed in my workout gear and walked to my balcony doors, placing a hand against the chilly glass as I peered outside. I wanted to watch the day fade into night, but that was a luxury no longer afforded to me. Rain sluiced down the panes in gray sheets, further obscuring my view more than the iron bars across the doors already did.

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