Blood Debt by Lana Sky (PDF)

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Book Name:Blood Debt
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Story Line:

Be careful what you wish for…

Playing the part of Julian Domingas’ latest conquest has its perks—but Lupita Sanchez knows it also comes with a hefty price tag. Mind games and Jaguar go hand-in-hand—with every twisted test of her loyalty, her resolve falters. If only it were as easy to hate him as the others who’ve done her wrong. With every new, twisted game, Lupita finds herself falling further under his spell—but he isn’t the only man aiming to claim her for his own nefarious purposes. And while one might simply want her dead, the other wants something far more dangerous. Like her soul…

El Mundo de Sangre is a world of linked dark romance trilogies. Diamante de Sangre continues where Dinero de Sangre ends. Each trilogy can be read as a standalone, but will be better enjoyed if read in order. The first two books in each trilogy end in cliffhangers which will be resolved in book three.

I don’t experience blissful darkness during my drug-induced sleep. My final moments with Jaguar haunt me like a nightmare. His touch. Our kiss. My confession…

With every passing second, it sinks in that these words weren’t a figment of my cruel imagination—I said them out loud. Finally, after days of pretending to be Tiena, I revealed my true identity to him…

I can’t believe I made such a stupid and careless mistake. The intent behind lies isn’t important to men like Julian Domingas. They crush dishonesty wherever it festers they have no choice, if they want to maintain their power, that is. In any case, I’ll pay dearly for this deception. Half expecting to find myself in his pet jaguar’s cage as a punishment, I warily open my eyes.

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