Bittersweet Melody by Kate Stewart (PDF)

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Book Name:Bittersweet Melody
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Story Line:

The vows are just the beginning…

For Natalie, being the wife to the most sought-after rock star on the planet has its privileges, but in the last year, she’s been put through the wringer as far as the pitfalls. So, when Easton summons her to Mexico for a second-anniversary honeymoon vacation in the very place that brought them back together, Natalie becomes filled with hope to close the space between them…along with a special request.

A request that leads them into a day-long exploration of sorting through their past—while trying to imagine the rest of their future together. They’ll soon recognize that in order to keep what they have, they’ll have to rediscover the other again. And with a little reminder from both their parents, they’ll realize the fight to keep what they hold most sacred—begins after I do.

Stretched out on the most luxurious, oversized lounger in the history of ever, I rest my cheek against the edge, opting out of the expansive view of the cerulean sea. Instead, I fix my gaze on a better view—my husband. Dressed in nothing but board shorts, he strums his six-string, a second anniversary present he unwrapped just minutes ago when we finally made it to the room.

His text to meet him in Mexico came a little less than twenty-four hours ago. By the time he got here, I was chest deep in the ocean when he sauntered out. Looking better than he had any right to, he stalked straight toward me, greeting me with a ravenous kiss.

We’ve been apart for the last three weeks because of his recording schedule—which is always in Seattle because every member of Reverb decided to make Washington home.

Everyone except Easton, who is a half-time Texan. We’ve followed our plan in that respect to the letter. We built a gorgeous Sound-side home in Seattle and another from the ground up on my parent’s land in Austin.

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