Beyond the Storm by Jaclyn Osborn (PDF)

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Book Name:Beyond the Storm
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Story Line:

Parties, laughter, and heart-melting romance. The war might be over, but the fun is just beginning. Join the Sons of the Fallen one last time in this end-of-series companion! Say goodbye to the series with newshort stories for each main couple showing them in their happily ever afters, a deleted scene, character interviews, and for the first time ever, Kallias is telling his own story in a companion-exclusive novella.

Demons have infiltrated the ranks,” Lazarus said as we stood before him. “Athens, Corinth, Thebes, and Argos have banded together against Sparta, and the demons have possessed commanders and soldiers from these allied forces to further orchestrate conflict and incite war. The Spartan army responded to those attacks.”

Thebes had been our ally once. Or, I should say, Sparta’s ally, for I no longer called Laconia my home. I hadn’t for many years.

My brothers and I had been released into the world for quite some time, tracking down Lucifer’s elite generals and eliminating them—some more successful than others. Belphegor still lived, as did Caim and Azazel. For now. We had also confronted several demon hoards and killed their leaders. Yet, the war waged on, a never-ending cycle of bloodshed.

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