Benji by Mary Kennedy (PDF)

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Book Name:Benji
File Size:903KB

Story Line:

Benjamin ‘Benji’ Pechkin is an elite Marine headed to stop a drug cartel at the border when his team is ambushed, drugged, and taken to separate islands. Waking alone, he knows something is terribly wrong. When he sees a strange woman on the island with him, his body reacts in ways it shouldn’t. He should be suspicious and cautious, instead, all he can think about is getting to that woman. Most men would kill for this chance, but Benji knows whatever is happening could kill them both. A sick, twisted game is being played and they’re at the center of it.

Annie Lott is humiliated by her father’s traitorous acts against his teammates, the SEALs, and his country. Thinking he’s on his way to jail, she meets with his ex-teammates to try and figure out what was happening in her father’s life.

Instead, her father kidnaps her for a plan that’s so sick, she can’t believe they’re actually related. Seeing Benji on that beach changes her world. When other couples are discovered on the islands, some of the findings are grim. One thing is for sure, they’re going to hunt down Michael Lott and destroy any chance he has for redemption.

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