Beauty’s Monster by Zari Hunt (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Beauty’s Monster
File Size:982KB

Story Line:

A family broken apart by witchcraft. As a lord’s daughter, it is my duty to keep silent and obey the family’s wishes. The Fates had other plans. During a marketplace visit when I was fifteen, the magic of our ancestors chose the worst moment to awaken within me. We were accused of witchcraft and Mother was dragged off and hung before the rumor could be squashed.

She is plagued with dreams. Similar recurring dreams of someone beckoning me to the castle in the nearby forest steadily begin to haunt me. As our finances dwindle, Father betroths me to our last hope; the womanizer son of a disgraced lord. But as my dreams grow urgent, my curiosity peaks and I visit the strange castle before marriage.

A prisoner of the castle. I recognize the castle housekeeper as the summoner from my dreams. She insists I am the personal caretaker for her lord, but all inquiries about him are ignored. More dreams morph into lusty altercations with a mysterious man encased in shadows. Soon, I befriend the garden fairies and begin settling into a comfortable routine. Then I accidentally cross paths with the brooding, horned master and risk death to return home. But all escape attempts are futile.

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