Bean Flicker by Megan Wade (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Bean Flicker
File Size:1.9MB

Story Line:

Humiliation is my middle name. After leaving all I know and love behind to start life fresh and unembarrassed in a tiny back-water town, I’ve come to the realization that I can’t escape embarrassing situations no matter how hard I try. They follow me around. And sometimes they even look right in my window. My first day here? I got caught with one hand on my book and the other…er… busy downstairs.

I don’t know about you, but a loud ‘Baaaaaa’ just before you finish kills the heat toot sweet. But that’s not where this embarrassing moment ends. Because with that peeping-Tom sheep was a rather delicious looking farmer. A farmer who is now visiting me every day asking to borrow a new romance book. This could turn into something special…

Why I thought the entire contents of my two-bedroom apartment would fit inside a tiny cottage in the country is beyond me. My living area currently looks like a hay-bale maze, and I seriously have to do some contortion-type gymnastics just to get from the kitchen to my bedroom–the only room in the house that isn’t piled high with moving boxes—with my glass of wine and plate of cookies intact.

The moment I bump the door closed with my butt, I pause and breathe a sigh of relief. In here, with the bed made and my furniture in place, I can pretend I don’t have a mountain of unpacking to do on the other side of that door come morning.

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