Arthur by Nicola Jane (PDF)

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Book Name:Arthur
File Size:2.5MB

Story Line:

Arthur I worked hard to get where I am today by crawling up from the bottom. These days, I’m a well-respected businessman with his life together. I have three brothers who I’ve practically raised alongside my hardworking mother, and I’m in the heart of the community, helping the most vulnerable. But there’s another side, one only the darkest depths of society know. I keep order on my streets by removing the threats and working alongside the local MC to ensure life around here runs smoothly.

Amelia Maverick is sister to the club’s President, and she’s like a shiny new toy attracting my attention with her big smile and loud mouth. Only I see beyond the bravado to the broken soul hidden from the world. And like a moth to the flame, I’m drawn in by the sadness in her eyes. I’ll do anything to make her mine, and when someone comes along to threaten it all, I want to set the world alight . . . but it’s Meli who comes to my rescue, and I’m left wondering who’s saving who.

Meli Growing up in The Perished Riders MC was hard for me. I’m the one who shines above the rest, sparkling so bright that I attract the wrong sort. I was thirteen years old when my dad’s VP took an interest in me, and he left lifelong scars that I hide with flirting, partying, and a careless attitude. Since then, I’ve been spiraling out of control, waiting for someone to catch me. I didn’t expect that someone to be Arthur Taylor.

Businessman by day and gangster by night, he sees through the smoke and mirrors to the vulnerable woman I am. I try to tell him I’m no good, that falling for me would be a mistake, but he ignores my warnings. What he doesn’t understand, is I’m trying to protect my heart, because good things never work out for me. And when someone takes an interest in Arthur, my worst fears are confirmed. Now, I must fight for the man I love and prove I’m worth loving back . . . but how can I do that when I don’t believe it?

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