Angel of Blood by Hayley Briana (PDF)

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Book Name:Angel of Blood
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

Blood. Lust. & Revenge. Those are the three constant things in my life as I race towards my end goal. For my blade to draw the blood of the final man on my list. Death is coming for you Madax Ashford and her favorite color is red. Following the death of her sister, Angel finds herself on a path of revenge. That is until she finds herself falling for the tall, dark, and tatted son of her enemy. Will Angel be able to cross the last name off her list or will she be the one getting burned? Only time will tell…

I was sitting on the fire escape of my crappy studio apartment. The rain was still coming down, but I just didn’t care. I only had one last person to kill to avenge Jessica and he would be the hardest to get to. Especially with the other three dead and found murdered.

I tried to block out the memories that kept assaulting me tonight. You’d think it would be the fact I’d murdered someone in cold blood, but no. It was simply the face of Jessica with her fair skin and red hair laying in a heap, surrounded by a puddle of her own blood. Her face frozen in the terror of her last moments.

All I could see was how her dress had been ripped from her body, hanging in tattered and bloody strips from her limbs. I wished all I could see was her beauty. Instead, I was haunted by that last image of her. When I found her dead in our home.

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