And Then There’s You by Tisa Matthews (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:And Then There’s You
File Size:2.8MB

Story Line:

I’m sitting at my gate, about to board a plane headed somewhere I wasn’t prepared for until an hour ago. My thoughts are so loud that I nearly miss the boarding call.

I wonder if someone can have everything you need, if one person can check every single box for you. Part of me thinks it’s more about having a list of non-negotiables and picking the person who has as many of them as possible. Right now I’m choosing between the one that makes me feel like I’m home and the one that makes me feel like I’m free.

One is comfortable and happy while the other is intense and full of undeniable chemistry. Maybe all of this would be easier if I figured out what I was going to do with my life before deciding who I’m going to do it with. I never expected that my best friend encouraging me to live my senior year of college to the fullest would lead me to this fork in the road. I’ve already learned far too quickly how much life can change when you take a chance.

And now, I have to make a decision.

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