And Then There Was Nothing by C L Dalton (PDF)

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Book Name:And Then There Was Nothing
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

As I teeter over the edge, I close my eyes, waiting for the darkness to swallow me whole. I feel the cold metal press deep into my palm as I clench my fist around the small silver object. I suck in a sharp breath as it bites into my skin, the warmth of the liquid beginning to pool into my hand. I take a deep breath and open my eyes as my phone vibrates against the countertop. With a shaky breath, I unclench my fist, the small metal object clattering on the hard tiles of the bathroom floor.

I watch as a few drops of my blood patter onto the ground before snatching a fistful of tissue to cover the small cut. I take a deep breath and grab my phone off the edge of the counter, stretching my arm as far as possible so I wouldn’t have to stand to reach the noisy object. Leaning back against the cupboard, I tap the screen and a text flashes up at me.

Lucy: Meet at Alpha – 40 minutes! I don’t bother to unlock my phone to reply to the text. She’s obviously had a bad day and needs to let off some steam; this type of text is a regular occurrence for Lucy. I sigh as I pick myself up off the bathroom floor and shrug off my clothes from the day. I turn the faucet on and wait the thirty seconds it takes for the water to heat.

Then I jump into the shower, letting the water wash over my body, the heat seeping into my tired muscles. As the water catches my hand, I wince. The water runs red. With a sigh, I hold my palm under the water and turn it away from the direct force to prevent the cut from opening up again. I gently scrub around the cut, washing away any remnants of the injury. Lathering up, I wash quickly, calculating how long it will take me to dress and make it to Alpha. If I cut across campus, it will be quicker.

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