And Maybe They Fall In Love by Emma Hill (PDF)

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Book Name:And Maybe They Fall In Love
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Story Line:

When Elle Coker entered a grocery store, it was all about her hair. Everyone’s Readings saw nothing but orange. It was to the point that Elle was experimenting with headscarves, but in a small Texas town like Sorsbury, you got funny looks if you experimented with headscarves. Even more than if you were a redhead. Bare-headed was best.

Grocery stores made good hiding places. Once everyone had seen her hair and gotten over it, Elle faded into the background while the true priority took over: grocery lists. They were everywhere—they were the reason she didn’t hate Reading in the grocery store. Under the tangle of lists residing in everyone’s mind, it was easy to avoid Reading thoughts that Elle didn’t want to see.

Out in the ordinary world, making eye contact with someone could mean finding out they’d buried their pet dog earlier that day—or it could mean seeing herself as they saw her walking past, mirror-Elle in a stranger’s eyes, with every flaw and failure highlighted for her in inescapable detail. Not stuff she wanted to deal with.

But in Tap’s Grocery (or a supercenter chain on Sundays, when the Tap’s owner took his soccer-aged kids to church), she Read puddings and sandwiches and grocery budgets. And that was all. Elle visited Tap’s on Thursday, when the store closed a little early because the owner’s ten-year-old son had a soccer game, and he didn’t trust the high schoolers he hired to lock up properly—the owner, not the son, although Elle had run into him once (the son) and Read that he (the son) didn’t trust the high schoolers, either—and people were doing their weekend shopping.

They had until seven. For someone like Elle, weekend shopping was like a window to the soul. You could see moms stocking up on snacks, people mid-diet considering a weekend splurge, college students trying to remember if the apples back home in the fridge had started to rot yet. And the men—the ones Elle was after—shopped for beer, Frito pie ingredients, and pastries.

The pastries were crucial. This was why Elle settled in the back left corner of Tap’s, where the high schooler with a hairnet picked his nose over the cheese and thought about whether his pimple would dissipate before the friendly volleyball game that night, which the girl he liked would be attending with her ex-boyfriend.

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