An Embrace To Hearten Me by Michele Notaro (PDF)

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Book Name:An Embrace To Hearten Me
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

I can’t seem to choose between the two shifters who mean the world to me… but what if I can have them both? Trying to navigate my feelings has never been easy. Growing up, I had to keep my emotions locked down and hidden from the world or suffer the consequences. But now, well, now I’ve had a taste of freedom, and with it, my heart has been running wild. Between trying to find witches—members of the Red Cloth—at work and sifting through my overwhelming emotions, I’m a mess.

And two certain shifters seem happy to help sort me out, which is great, but it’s making all these feelings hit me at once. How in the world can I tell River and Kulani that I… that I like them? Both of them. At the same time. This is going to end in disaster with one, two, or three hearts broken. But what if it doesn’t? What if there’s a way for all three of us to get what we want?

Ikept my body hidden and low to the ground so my prey couldn’t see me. They were just lying there, legs sprawled, their belly in the air without a care in the world. Shifting my weight a tad, I leapt through the trees and landed right beside them, making them yelp in surprise and roll away. When they got to their paws and growled at me, I couldn’t help but laugh. Well, it was more like a chortle in my cheetah form. River yipped in annoyance at me, but they couldn’t hide their smile from me if their life depended on it. I knew them far too well, in this form and their bipedal one.

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