Always You by Rebecca Barton (PDF)

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Book Name:Always You
File Size:1.1MB

Story Line:

She thought she’d never return home, he thought he’d never find a place to truly belong. In each other’s arms, never became always…

When fierce student rivals Stella Lancewood and Zach O’Connor graduate from Allenby Hall wine college, neither of them ever plan on working together. The only thing they shared was the ambition to be the best. Family privilege has Stella’s life mapped out – a top job at her parents’ estate, making wines her father always dreamed of and planning her wedding with her high school sweetheart.

Zach, however, has never relied on a silver spoon to get him anywhere and his determination to do things his own way is the only thing he trusts. A devastating car crash upends Stella’s life and sends her running from everything and everyone she knows. Her tragedy becomes Zach’s opportunity and taking Stella’s role at the Southern Stars estate is the break that will make his dreams become reality if he can get over his wariness of working with others.

When Stella returns she’s forced to face her past and the one person she never thought she’d have to compete with again. Can the alchemy of the barrel hall spill into their hearts and help them find a future worth toasting?

She was nervous and she knew it. Why else would she be awake before dawn? Why wasn’t she asleep and content knowing that today was going to be a wonderful day of celebration for her and her family?

The sound of a bird stirring outside reassured Stella Lancewood that she wasn’t the only living thing on the planet awake at this moment, so she swung her legs out of bed and set her feet on the floor. The lumpy texture of the rag-rug beneath her toes flooded her mind with memories of the many early starts she’d had in her childhood bedroom. It wasn’t that she’d stopped getting up early during her student days. Her ambition to maintain her straight A average had meant she never shied away from setting her alarm. But this morning hadn’t demanded she be up before the sun had risen.

Stepping to the window she drew back the curtain and smiled as she saw the reassuring silhouette of the mountain—her mountain as she liked to think of it—which was about to be touched by the first rays of morning light.

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