Alien Love Games: The Painter’s Easel by Kyra Keys (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Alien Love Games: The Painter’s Easel
File Size:1.7MB

Story Line:

She’s just a crew member, and he’s not an artist

Lacey I’ve always wanted to travel the universe, but my family is dirt poor and that was never in the cards for me. That is, until I got hired on as a production crew member for The Alien Love Games. Like the legit, Alien Love Games, I can’t believe my luck! Now I’ll be visiting space stations for other planets, meeting famous people, and seeing aliens for the first time. It’s a dream come true.

My first assignment is shooting the season for the Bolans. Holy Smokes are these Bolan men hot. Whenever I see the contestants my mouth waters and I want to touch their tiny horns. If they weren’t spoken for, I’d be trying to convince one of them to warm my bed. These women from Earth are luckier than they realize, especially when I find out that Bolan men are dominate in the bedroom. Dangit, why can’t that be my life? Some sleek, muscular alien telling me to kneel? Yes, please.

I’ll just enjoy my daydreams while I work. Except minutes before we start shooting, the woman on the show changes her mind. Now I’m in a gorgeous dress and replacing her. I have to choose one of these aliens to marry and I’m freaking out. How did this happen?

Vrexel Okay, I admit it. I’m bored with my life. My friends are all getting married and somehow found the loves of their life on this dang love game show. When I’m chosen as a contestant it seems like a long shot, but I’ve got the free time right now, so I don’t fight it. What are the chances I’d get chosen by the woman anyway? I’m not famous, or super rich like my friends.

I own a interstellar shipping company and travel most of the time. But I heard the food on the Bolan Space Station is tasty, so I’ll consider it a vacation. If nothing else, it will give me an amusing story to tell at every bar I visit on my travels. Something about this show is messed up though. The human woman ditched it right before filming started, and they are replacing her last minute with this petite crew worker because she’s the only one who could fit into the dress they were using for filming.

What’s worse, is that it’s a damn painting contest. I’ll give them my finest stick figures and call it a day. Until I got a good look at the replacement woman. Now I’m doomed and my lack of painting skills is going to be the end of my happy life. Well, isn’t this just lovely.

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