Across The Stars by Courtney Leigh (PDF)

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Book Name:Across The Stars
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Story Line:

Innifer Earth sucks. Not the planet. The people. Practically all physical contact is simulated, my boyfriend just broke up with me, and I’m making a living dancing behind glass in hopes that men with throw credits at me. I want to leave… So I do and I drag my friend with me… into space… to the Nexus. The city in the sky. Sure, I’m starting at the bottom and I had to lie about finishing my college education to get here, but it was worth it. …And then he showed up. A tall alien man in a black suit and a helmet I can’t even see his face through, but he sets my body on fire.

Vahko Humans. They’re a strange breed. We’re all fibers from the same cloth, but you’d scarcely realize it. In truth, they never intrigued me much. They don’t seem ready to enter into galactic affairs.

Well, this is pathetic, I thought to myself, dancing my night away on a stage for smelly, drunk men to gawk at. There was a tinted blue barrier between me and the onlookers and on it, I could see the tips scrolling along the side every time one of them swiped his credit card.

I could also see myself in the blueish reflection and it sickened me a little. Out of all the things I could have done, I’d somehow gotten stuck with my tits out. Vivid blue hair hung in straight locks over my shoulders to my breasts, which were covered in a shiny, purple bra. My breasts weren’t my greatest asset. Although, every time I showed my ass, beep, another tip. Figured.

I had a nice ass, but I rolled my eyes every time I looked away. I had hazel eyes that were just the right shade to look caramel in the sun, which I refused to change despite my manager’s suggestions to enhance or alter the color completely. Plenty of the girls had neon eyes. Eye color in entertainment spanned across the rainbow and then some, but not mine.

My eyes were my father’s and they were staying the color they were. My skin was my mother’s. A pale, creamy complexion that somehow darkened fast in the sun. Of course, for that to happen, I’d have to see the sun, but most of my time was spent working or sleeping. Shame.

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