Absent Remorse by Blake Pierce

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Book Name:Absent Remorse
File Size:314KB

Story Line:

Marni had many jobs as a manager at the Hambledon Hotel in Washington DC. She made sure that the guests were happy and had everything they needed. She arranged for cars and theater tickets and told them about places that she thought they might enjoy visiting. Occasionally, she dealt with problems discreetly, so that they wouldn’t embarrass the higher profile guests there. Marni was someone who fixed things.

Today, it seemed that she had to fix the problem of someone sleeping on a bench outside the hotel. It happened. There were always homeless people who figured that if they hung out around the hotel, they might be able to get something there, either from the hotel or from its wealthier guests. Since those guests often didn’t like having to walk past someone homeless to get into the hotel, Marni often had to find ways to move people on when they weren’t wanted.

Marni had become adept at it. She’d learned how to move people along politely, when to offer them food around the back of the kitchen, when to threaten to call the cops, when to be sympathetic, and when to be harder about it all.

The moment Marni got outside, she started to suspect that this was one of the times when she needed to be a little harder. There was a woman lying there on one of the benches outside, in a broad square lined with cafés and high-end couturiers. She was obviously asleep, which at eleven in the morning said drunk, drugged, or both to Marni.

Marni had to admit that the woman didn’t look homeless. She was young, maybe in her twenties, with wavy, blonde hair and pretty features, made up as if for a night out on the town. She was well dressed in a red party dress and heels.

Maybe she’d drunk too much the night before and decided to sleep it off in a convenient spot. Maybe she was even a guest of the hotel, although Marni didn’t recognize her, and Marni made a point of being able to identify the guests by name.

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