A Stop in Time by RC Boldt (PDF)

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Book Name:A Stop in Time
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

I’ve been an outcast my whole life. If my scars don’t scare people away, my attitude certainly will. I don’t know what I am or how I got the power to stop time. What I do know is, there are far too many questions I need answers to. When I cross paths with a local gang member, his presence unravels a part of my past I never knew existed. At every turn, danger leaps closer, and I realize that stopping the killer will mean losing everything—including the first man I’ve ever loved. But I should’ve known better. We were never meant to be anything more than a brief stop in time.

The cords of his neck are taut, and I know he’s close to getting off, which pisses me off even more. If I showed the fucker a YouTube video on how to touch a woman’s clit to get her off, guaranteed he wouldn’t give a shit. More than that, though, he closed his eyes the instant I insisted on getting on top, and I know why. I’m not a moron.

When you’ve got scars running down part of your face and the side of your body, it’s not exactly a sight to behold. They tend to put people on edge. It makes them uncomfortable. I might have a fine-ass canvas of ink covering the bulk of it, from my left jawline down to my left ankle, but I still keep my shirt on. It’s easier; fewer probing questions to deal with.

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