A Renewed Rage by Elizabeth N. Harris (PDF)

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Book Name:A Renewed Rage
File Size:864KB

Story Line:

Rage brothers have an annoying habit. They open their mouths, blurt out whatever they’re thinking, and to hell with the consequences. This time there is no escaping what their actions wrought because Old Ladies took sides, and it wasn’t theirs! In the doghouse, with only one brother straddling both camps, Rage isn’t a nice place to be. They weren’t backing down, not until Rage learn their lesson and hell, they have a mansion they can hide in.

No Rage is allowed except what is now called the exiles. Old ladies are lying the law down, and God help the husband or brother who doesn’t listen! Drake struggles to yank his brother’s thoughts from the past to the present and future. He has a battle on three fronts to win: his brothers, the exiles and the old ladies. And just when Drake thinks he’s finally made progress and things will settle… someone lets loose a hunter who returns with a hell of a prize!

Can Rage take that last step and not only renew their compound but address the issues of the past? Or will they lose themselves for once and all? I just want to check out this bar. I heard that lady at the gas station. She said there’s a mermaid here.”

Caden barely restrained his groan, but he kept moving forward. Success. We were still going, and I’d already won in that brief movement. He and I both knew, but he was going to argue the whole way there because of… I didn’t know why. Male ego? Because he felt he needed to put up some form of protest? I wasn’t sure, but Caden would go with me to see the mermaid in the bar, even though we both knew there really wouldn’t be a mermaid, but who would turn down a chance to see a mermaid? Um. Hello. No one. Or no one should.

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