A Mountain Man for Valentine’s Day by Clara King (PDF)

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Book Name:A Mountain Man for Valentine’s Day
File Size:423KB

Story Line:

The dining room is unbearably loud. Screeching laughter fills the air as our food is brought out to us on platters, each one set down onto the endlessly long table which stretches from one end of the room to the other.

All around me, strangers are talking: distant relatives, my stepdad’s richest friends, my mom’s most powerful connections, a whole guest list. I didn’t get to choose a single name, and yet they’re all here for my wedding. Only two days to go now, I think bitterly. Two days until I’m walking down the aisle. From beside me, I feel Andrew’s arm brush against mine as he cuts into his steak, chewing it noisily and calling across the table to somebody I don’t recognize, his mouth full of blood-red meat.

Even the slightest, accidental touch from him makes me cringe. Probably not a good sign considering he’s my fiancé. God, even thinking of the word ‘fiancé’ is enough to make me want to puke. All around me, the talking seems to be getting louder and louder, pressing in on me from all sides. I grip my knife and fork tight in my hands, but I can’t bring myself to eat.

I stir the food around my plate, feeling a familiar panic rising in my throat. This is wrong, I think. This is all wrong. “Not eating, Madison?” a woman asks from across the table. I recognize her vaguely as Margaret, one of my stepdad’s sisters, a severe-looking woman with permanently pursed lips. “Oh,” I try to keep my voice light, “I’m not that hungry That makes a change!” Andrew barks from beside me, something nasty in his tone. “Usually nobody can get between Madison and her food

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