A Kiss From a Kraken by Charlotte Swan

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Book Name:A Kiss From a Kraken
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Story Line:

Well, none of them are, however, this one I was particularly against. My father didn’t listen, something he’s all too comfortable with doing these days. Once upon a time, my father would’ve rather cut off his right hand than see me sad. Would’ve tried tirelessly to coax a smile from me and we would’ve laughed together over this disgusting display of opulence in front of us tonight. Four years ago, the dress I’m wearing right now would’ve fed us for months.

Four years ago, my father was a humble fisherman, one that was unluckier than most. He would come back every night with a few measly fish and a few gold coins to keep a rickety roof over our heads. After my mother passed he did everything to preserve her memory and to try and raise me to be a smart, strong young woman just like her. To speak my mind, to never ever doubt my worth.

Then one night everything changed. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The barrels of fish he came in with that night. Fresh catches of lobsters, mussels, and even some shellfish that we hadn’t seen in decades. All of which would fetch a high price with the nobility who ruled over our town. Precious pearls were cleaved from the hard shells of oysters and sold at the market.

Overnight we became millionaires. By the end of the week, I had been ushered into this grand house on the Lord’s Row, given a lady’s maid and a governess to teach me how to function within our new wealth and standing. By the end of the month, my father was different. The wealth had turned him into a greedy, egotistical man and I realized the life I had known, the one my mother had wanted for me, was gone. Just like her precious bag of pearls.

My father said they were lost in the move, but he couldn’t meet my eyes when he told me. Whether it be from shame or something else I don’t know. The only thing for certain is that those were her most prized possessions, one of the last things I have of her.

A loud crack of thunder breaks me from my thoughts. I tilt my head to the side and stare out of our massive window. The rain is coming down in sheets, and people below scurry to try and save their hair and clothes but it is useless. This storm is foreboding, the sky an inky black, illuminated by the swift strikes of lightning.

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