A Court of Debt and Deception by Samantha Britt (PDF)

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Book Name:A Court of Debt and Deception
File Size:2.3MB

Story Line:

Being a badass Guardian isn’t easy, but I was born for it. Now, I’ve been selected for a top-secret mission. Fae are real, and they want access our world. I’m sent to the Fae Realm to broker an alliance with the powerful creatures, accompanied by paranormal beings from our own world. But what starts as a peace mission turns into a deadly contest. Will I be able to fight the pull I feel to a certain Fae royal and get out of these trials alive? Or am I doomed to be trapped in Fae forever?

Frigid air blows through the abandoned warehouse. Goosebumps pucker the flesh underneath my black leather jacket as I crouch on a rusty metal beam.

Why does cold seem to be the required temperature for criminal lairs? Just once, I’d like to scout for criminal activity in a nice, warm mansion with a roaring fire and faux bear rug for ambiance. But alas, that is not the life of a Guardian.

The criminals we chase are demons who break Shadowguard law, putting humans and supernaturals at risk with their nefarious endeavors. To escape attention, they hole up in inconspicuous locations like this one, determined to carry out their misdeeds in decrepit conditions, forcing me to suffer in the process. I’ve got a visual on the target,” I murmur into the empty space in front of me, knowing the high-tech mic sewn into the lapel of my jacket will pick up my voice. “Howie?”

“In position,” my partner confirms through the earpiece. My eyes scan the laboratory tables below. They’re covered with beakers and flasks swirling with Creator-knows-what.

I lift my gaze and see Howie crouching on the beam on the other side of the room. He, too, scans the illegal lab below. Feeling my gaze, he lifts his head and gives me a thumbs up with a crooked smile. He’s always the jokester, even during missions.

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