3013: Justice by Laurie Roma (PDF)

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Book Name:3013: Justice
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Story Line:

Liberated from her life as a captive, Secret has hidden herself away at the sanctuary in Zion to rest and recover. Unfortunately, time is a luxury she can’t afford. Before she can truly consider enjoying her newfound freedom, she must first fulfill the vow of vengeance she’d made and deal with the dark stain of her past. As an elite assassin for the Alliance, Commander Talon Spartan is used to living in the shadows. He always figured he was meant to spend his life alone, but surprisingly, fate has other plans for him. Secret is a bright star in his dark world, and he is willing do whatever it takes to help her find the justice she seeks.

Will they be able to free her from her past, or will tragedy tear them apart before they can truly find happiness together?

As the most popular bar in Zion, Exodus was always crazy busy. However, during the past month, it had seemed like the entire city had been stopping by to celebrate. Reports of a cure for the virus that caused infertility in a large portion of the human race had been circulating around the city for months, but most people hadn’t believed the rumors were actually true Until now.

Over the last few weeks, the first doses of the cure had been administered to those lucky enough to have gotten a coveted appointment at one of the designated treatment centers. The entire city was celebrating the eradication of the last mark of damage the Zyphir had caused, and those who had suffered from the virus were now filled with a new sense of hope.

While the virus left behind by the Zyphir had only infected humans, all of the known races were immensely pleased about the medical breakthrough. Those who lived in Zion were especially excited about this new development and what it meant for the future of Earth. Although most of the world had been ravaged during the war with the Zyphir, the city of Zion had remained essentially undamaged. As a perfect blending of past and present, Zion had always been a unique city.

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