2 Dead Fish Named Kevin by L.A. Witt (PDF)

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Book Name:2 Dead Fish Named Kevin
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Story Line:

It was a crisp but comfortable day, especially for mid-February. All I’d had to wear was a leather jacket over my T-shirt. And since such a nice day had fallen on a Saturday, that probably explained why there was a decent crowd.

A couple dozen kids who must’ve been six or seven were gathered by the zookeeper at the fence in front of the viewing area while the adults—probably fifty of us, if I had to guess—stood behind them. Beyond the fence was a deep moat, and on the other side, an elaborate habitat in which three black bears kept a close eye on a door off to my right and about eight feet off the ground. I suspected that was where the food was going to come from.

The zookeeper launched into a speech about how bears would normally be hibernating this time of year, but since they have food available year-round, the ones in zoos often don’t. Then there was something about how their diets were closely monitored to keep them from getting too fat; that was apparently an issue with non-hibernating captive bears.

There was also a bit about how these three couldn’t be released back into the wild for various reasons, so there was less concern about them getting used to being fed by humans. Something. I don’t know. I wasn’t listening too closely. Mostly, I was watching the bears and sort of chuckling to myself about why I was even here.

I mean, I loved animals. Fucking adored them. Coming to the zoo on a Saturday morning wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary for me. But I usually avoided special events, because while I loved animals, I wasn’t fond of crowds.

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